Forever Better Together by A. D. Ellis

Forever Better Together

Releasing October 11, 2019

“Three B’s?”

“Brothers, besties, and boyfriends.”

“I’m pretty sure those three words aren’t usually put together.” Griffin shook his head but he smiled.

“Yeah well, we’ve always been unique. Why stop now?”

After suffering a traumatic childhood, Griffin is given a fresh start with foster parents who help him discover what it’s like to be loved, wanted, and protected.
Quincy has lived a comfortable life with his grandparents and the constantly changing faces of their foster children. Kids come and go and Quincy knows staying friendly yet unattached is best. But when scrawny, scared Griffin moves in, Quincy’s world is turned upside-down.
Griffin and Quincy have a shaky start, but soon they bond as best friends and eventually brothers. The hormone-filled teen years reveal an unanticipated attraction between the two.
Now in college, Griffin and Quincy set out to determine if the sexual tension brewing between them since high school is worth jeopardizing their nearly decade-long friendship. Will they lose everything they’ve found in each other, or will they seize the opportunity to turn their friendship into something even better?

Forever Better Together is an opposites attract, friends-to-lovers story, but it’s slightly more complicated than that.
This book is a part of the Common Elements Romance project.

“Guy from home. I miss him. He’ll be at college with me and that’s on my mind a lot.”
“Something happen that you could start back up?”
“Nah, I mean, something happened, but we were just kids.”
“You gonna at least ask him out?” Jaylin raised a brow.
Griffin’s gorgeous face flashed in my mind along with his words, “What we have is so important to me. I can’t lose my brother and best friend. We’ll be fine, right?”
“He doesn’t feel that way about me. We’re just friends.” I shrugged and checked the time.
“Some of the best relationships start as just friends.”
“Some of the best friendships are ruined by trying to be anything else.”